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Army Reserve Enrichment Camp (AREC)

Army Reserve Enrichment Camp: AREC is a 5-7 day residential summer camping experience for Army Reserve Youth in partnership with an American Camping Association Accredited residential camp.


  • Reduce feelings of isolation among Army Reserve youth within a designated region
  • Deliver meaningful opportunities for participation that are proven to enhance youth’s skills in leadership, independence, peer relationships, self esteem, adventure and exploration.
  • Create a platform for the discussion of and reflection on personal experience with deployment, sustainment and reunion.
  • Introduce youth to a local, quality youth development organization
  • Provide 5-7 days respite to Army Reserve Parents

Expected Outcomes:

  • Youth will have a network of peers and adult advisors to increase their feeling of cohesion within the AR community;
  • Youth will gain experience in new, relevant life skills that will enhance their ability to adapt to the effects of military life (i.e. resiliency)
  • The community youth serving organization will become educated on issues important to military youth
  • Parents will derive benefit from 5-7 days free of parental responsibility




CYSS Mission Statement

"Our mission is to support readiness and quality of life by reducing the conflict between military mission requirements and parental responsibilities."